Synthesis and deprotonation of P-H-functionalised phosph(III)azanes; borohydride dependency on the formation of cis- or trans-[HP(mu-NtBu)2PNtBuH].

Research paper by Anthony D AD Woods, Mary M McPartlin

Indexed on: 10 Sep '04Published on: 10 Sep '04Published in: Dalton Transactions


The reaction of [ClP(muNtBu)2PNtBuH] (1) with LiBsBu3H yields trans-[HP(muNtBu)2PNtBuH] (2), by contrast, reaction with LiBEt3H yields cis-[HP(mu-NtBu)2PNtBuH] (3). Compounds and represent the first examples of P-H-functionalised cyclophosph(III)azanes. Deprotonation of with BnNa (Bn=benzyl) gives the first example of a secondary phosphine-functionalised cyclodiphosph(III)azane anion [HP(mu-NtBu)2PNtBu]- (4).