Synthesis and characterization of a novel crystalline AlPO4 molecular sieve, CFAP-7

Research paper by Yingcai Long, Weihong Zhang, Heyong He

Indexed on: 01 Jun '87Published on: 01 Jun '87Published in: Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry


The novel crystalline aluminophosphate CFAP-7, having a characteristic X-ray powder diffraction pattern, has been synthesized hydrothermally in a system consisting of di-n-butylamine-(NH4)2O−P2O5−Al2O3−H2O at 120 to 140°C, the P2O5 and Al2O3 sources of which were provided by (NH4)3PO4·3H2O and Al2(SO4)3 in aqueous solution, respectively. Investigations by DTA, TG, DTG, XRD, and IR indicate transformation of the original product (form A) into more stable crystal forms B and C on heating at about 180°C and 240°C, respectively, while liberating water and amine. Isotherms for the adsorption of water and methanol at 23°C show that both form B and form C are molecular sieves with a window dimension of 4.3–4.9 Å, and a methanol volume adsorbtion greater than that of water.