Synthesis and applications of tricarbonyliron complexes of dendralenes.

Research paper by Henry H Toombs-Ruane, Nik N Osinski, Thomas T Fallon, Cindy C Wills, Anthony C AC Willis, Michael N MN Paddon-Row, Michael S MS Sherburn

Indexed on: 07 Oct '11Published on: 07 Oct '11Published in: Chemistry - An Asian Journal


[3]Dendralene and [4]dendralene are converted smoothly into tricarbonyliron complexes. The structures of four complexes analyzed by DFT and single-crystal X-ray analysis show that, in contrast to free hydrocarbons, complexed dendralenes prefer a roughly in-plane conformation. The complexes are stable towards Fe(CO)(3) group migration up to 150 °C. The synthetic value of Fe(CO)(3) complexation in the dendralene series is demonstrated through a variety of selective synthetic manipulations (Diels-Alder reaction, dipolar cycloaddition, Simmons-Smith cyclopropanation, dihydroxylation, olefin cross metathesis) that are not achievable by direct transformation of the free hydrocarbons. Application to the synthesis of a previously unreported, highly reactive linear/cross-conjugated hydrocarbon is also described.