Synthesis and Antimicrobial Screening of Pyrazolo-3-Aryl Quinazolin-4(3H)ones.

Research paper by M B MB Deshmukh, S S Patil, S S SS Patil, S D SD Jadhav

Indexed on: 11 Jan '11Published on: 11 Jan '11Published in: Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences


2-thio-3-aryl quinazolin-4(3H)one (1) was synthesized by reacting anthranilic acid with thiocarbamate salts of substituted aniline and carbon disulphide, which on reflux with excess of hydrazine hydrate to form 2-hydrazino quinazolin-4(3H)one derivatives (2). The reaction of (2) with variously substituted aryl aldehydes gave the corresponding hydrazones (3). Further, the cyclization of compound (3) in acetic anhydride gave tricyclic pyrazoloquinazolinones (4). All newly synthesized compounds have been tested for their antibacterial activity against gram +ve bacteria B. substilis, S. aureus and gram -ve bacteria E. coli, P. vulgaris. The species used for antifungal activity are Aspergillus niger and Phytophora. Introduction of -OCH3, -OH and -Cl groups to the heterocyclic frame work enhanced antibacterial and antifungal activities.