Synteny between Zoysia japonica Steud. and Oryza sativa L. based on RFLP, CISP and PLUG markers

Research paper by Manli Li, Xiao Qi, Nana Yuyama, Yunwen Wang, Yan Sun, Peisheng Mao, Hongwei Cai

Indexed on: 03 Dec '14Published on: 03 Dec '14Published in: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution


In order to study the synteny between Zoysia japonica and Oryza sativa, we added three types of markers including Restriction fragment length polymorphism, Conserved intron scanning primers and PCR-based landmark unique gene in our previous high-density SSR-based linkage map. A total of 100 loci showed homology to the rice genome were merged into our previously constructed SSR-based linkage map of zoysiagrass. The new map was longer than all zoysiagrass genetic maps reported previously, and contains the number of linkage groups 20, which is equal to the haploid number of chromosomes of zoysiagrass. The new mapped 100 homologous loci were mapped to 19 linkage groups (LGs) except of LG 20, of them, the LGs 2, 8 and 13 of zoysiagrass showed colinearity with chromosomes 3, 6 and 1 of rice respectively, and other LGs of zoysiagrass contained variable numbers of markers that showed homology with the rice genome. These results suggested a syntenic relationship between zoysiagrass and rice. The improved genetic linkage map and the new markers developed in this study will serve as reference genetic linkage maps for zoysiagrass species and will be useful for mapping QTLs associated with various traits, and for improving zoysiagrass breeding programs.