Symmetry Properties of Generalized Regular Polytopes

Research paper by Alexander Kharchenko

Indexed on: 10 Nov '09Published on: 10 Nov '09Published in: Mathematics - Metric Geometry


A concept of generalized regular polytope is introduced in this work. The number of its (1...n-1)-dimensional elements is not necessarily integer, though all the combinatorial and metric properties meet those of regular polytopes in a classic sense. New relationships between Schlafli symbol of the regular polytope and its metric parameters have been established. Using the generalized regular polytopes concept, group and metric properties of arbitrary metric space tessellations into regular honeycombs were investigated. It has been shown that sequential tessellations of space into regular honeycombs determine an infinite discrete group, having finite cyclic, dihedral, symmetric, and other subgroups. Set of generators and generating relations of the group are identified. Eigenvectors of regular honeycombs have been studied, and some of them shown to correspond to Schlafli symbols of known integer regular polytopes in 3 and 4 dimensions. It was discovered that group of all regular honeycombs comprises subsets having eigenvectors inducing a metric of the (p, q) signature, and in particular, (+---). These eigenvectors can be interpreted as self-reproducing generalized regular polytopes (eigentopes).