SUSY Multi-Step Unification without Doublet-Triplet Splitting

Research paper by Jurgen Reuter

Indexed on: 26 Sep '07Published on: 26 Sep '07Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Matter-Higgs unification in string-inspired supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories predicts the existence of colored states in the Higgs multiplets and calls for two extra generations of Higgs-like fields ('unhiggses'). If these states are present near the TeV scale, gauge-coupling unification points to the existence of two distinct scales, 10^15 GeV where right-handed neutrinos and a Pati-Salam symmetry appear, and 10^18 GeV where complete unification is achieved. Baryon-number conservation, while not guaranteed, can naturally emerge from an underlying flavor symmetry. Collider signatures and dark-matter physics may be drastically different from the conventional MSSM.