Survey of Radioactive Items in the Home.

Research paper by Elizabeth E EE Kritzberger, Liliana L Navarrete

Indexed on: 19 Oct '17Published on: 19 Oct '17Published in: Journal of nuclear medicine technology


Whether it be the sun or natural substances we encounter; we are subject to radiation every day. There are some items that can be found in the home that are either naturally radioactive or have a component containing radioactive material. This study was conducted to identify radioactive elements and to assess the exposure we receive from items that have been previously studied. We used four types of radiation detectors to obtain quantitative and qualitative information regarding the radioactive properties of items that can be found in the home like Fiestaware, smoke detectors, Brazil nuts, and granite. We found that Brazil nuts, newer Fiestaware, and modern smoke detectors showed little to no radiation exposure. Overall we found that we receive little to no harmful exposure from the surveyed items that were found to be radioactive.