Surgical treatment of myeloradiculopathy in cervical spondylosis. A report on 438 operations

Research paper by Madjid Samii, Dirk Völkening, Abolghassem Sepehrnia, Götz Penkert, Helmut Baumann

Indexed on: 01 Aug '89Published on: 01 Aug '89Published in: Neurosurgical Review


In the past eleven years we have performed 438 microsurgical ventral discectomies with bilateral foraminotomy followed by fusion with palacos in the cervical spine in our clinic.An analysis of the preoperative symptoms shows a great variability and overlapping of the various segments. To determine the right level for the operation it is crucial that the results of the clinical and the radiological examinations be evaluated. The results of ascending myelography and CT scans are of great value.In cases of cervical myelopathy a multisegmental operation is often necessary to optain good results. The complication rate was small in our patients and a second operation was only necessary in a few cases.We had very good postoperative results in radicular pain and muscle weakness. In patients with symptoms of cervical myelopathy we achieved considerable improvement.