Surface tension of solutions of low-molecular epoxy resins in monoglycidyl ether on the interface with air and production of filled epoxy compositions

Research paper by A. N. Krasovskii, S. A. Lopato, M. G. Potashev

Indexed on: 23 Oct '09Published on: 23 Oct '09Published in: Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry


The surface tension of solutions of epoxydiane resin (Mn ∼400) in versatic acid monoglycidyl ether (Cardura) at the interface with air in the range of concentrations c = 5–60% in the presence of non-ionic surfactants was studied. The effect of concentration of epoxydiane resin in solution on the rate of dispersion of pigment particles (filler) was revealed. The structural parameters of aggregates of the epoxydiane resin molecules and pigment particles in the composition, as well as the optimal concentration of oligomeric resin, corresponding to the maximum rate of dispersion of pigments in solution were determined in the approximation of the model of fractal clusters.