Surface structure-dependent molecular oxygen activation of BiOCl single-crystalline nanosheets.

Research paper by Kun K Zhao, Lizhi L Zhang, Jiajun J Wang, Qunxiang Q Li, Weiwei W He, Jun Jie JJ Yin

Indexed on: 15 Oct '13Published on: 15 Oct '13Published in: Journal of the American Chemical Society


We demonstrate that BiOCl single-crystalline nanosheets possess surface structure-dependent molecular oxygen activation properties under UV light. The (001) surface of BiOCl prefers to reduce O2 to ·O2(-) through one-electron transfer, while the (010) surface favors the formation of O2(2-) via two-electron transfer, which is cogoverned by the surface atom exposure and the situ generated oxygen vacancy characteristics of the (001) and (010) surfaces under UV light irradiation.