Surface circulation in Sagami Bay: the response to variations of the Kuroshio axis

Research paper by Shizuo Iwata, Masaji Matsuyama

Indexed on: 01 Oct '89Published on: 01 Oct '89Published in: Journal of Oceanography


In order to study the characteristics of the surface circulation in Sagami Bay, long-term current measurements were carried out at five moored stations during the period from October 1982 to January 1984. The majority of current patterns show the existence of a cyclonic eddy in the bay, while at times the direction of the circulation is reversed. When the Kuroshio current flows over the Izu-Ogasawara Ridge and approaches Sagami Bay, the current that passes through the Oshima-West Channel north of Oshima Island (COWC), has a strong clockwise flow, while the counterclockwise circulation in the bay becomes intensified. When the Kuroshio shifts southward off the shore, the COWC and the flow in the bay are weak or at times reverse their directions.