Surface and bulk structural properties of nanostructured porous silicon prepared by electrochemical etching at different etching time

Research paper by N. A. Asli, S. F. M. Yusop, M. Rusop, S. Abdullah

Indexed on: 20 May '11Published on: 20 May '11Published in: Ionics


Nanostructured porous silicon (NPSi) is versatile nanomaterials, and attractive area in device application after visible luminescence was observed from NPSi by Canham (1990). NPSi has been prepared by electrochemical techniques with silicon wafer as a based material. The electrolyte solution consists of ethanol and hydrofluoric acid at volume ratio of 1:1. The etching time was varied while other preparation parameters were fixed to produce different porosity of NPSi samples. The structural properties of samples were measured using field emission scanning electron microscope and Raman spectrometer. The surface structural study has shown the surface roughness increase at inertial stage but decrease gradually with longer etching time. However, nanostructured surface was decreased with increasing of etching time. From side view measurement, the nanopillar of NPSi becomes smaller size while increase of etching time. The crystallinity of PSi is observed by Raman scattering varied with different etching time. The photoluminescence measurement will be carried out to study the correlation between optical and structural properties.