Suppression of oxidative stress of modified Gongjin-dan (WSY-1075) in detrusor underactivity rat model bladder outlet induced by obstruction

Research paper by Jin-Woo Jung, Seung Hwan Jeon, Woong Jin Bae, Su Jin Kim, Mun Su Chung, Byung Il Yoon, Sae Woong Choi, U. Syn Ha, Sung Yeoun Hwang, Sae Woong Kim

Indexed on: 22 Dec '17Published on: 21 Dec '17Published in: Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine


To investigate the anti-oxidative stress and preventive effect of modified Gongjin-dan (WSY-1075) in a detrusor underactivity rat model.Rats were randomly allocated to three groups: sham-operated (control), bladder outlet obstruction-induced detrusor underactivity (BOO-DU), and BOO-DU with WSY-1075 (WSY) groups. WSY-1075 was orally administrated to rats 200 mg daily for 2 weeks prior to the operation and 4 weeks after the operation. Bladder outlet obstruction was surgically induced in rats by ligation around the urethra avoiding total obstruction. Cystometrography was conducted on rats in each group for examination of bladders.Compared with the control group, bladder outlet obstruction led to a significant increase in oxidative stress with consequent changes to molecular composition, and decrease in maximal detrusor pressure (P<0.05). WSY-1075 treatment significantly suppressed oxidative stress and prevented degenerative and dysfunctional changes in bladder, as compared with BOO-DU group (P<0.05).WSY-1075 had beneficial effect on prevention of BOO-DU.