Suppression of High-Reflection Fifth-, Sixth-, and Seventh-Order Bands in Wide-Band Interference Filters

Research paper by V. Yu. Pervak, Yu. A. Pervak

Indexed on: 01 Sep '03Published on: 01 Sep '03Published in: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy


We have investigated the spectral properties of multilayer interference systems formed by multiple repetition of the symmetric three-component period ABCBA. The problem of synthesizing structures, in whose spectral characteristics suppression of adjacent fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-order high-reflection bands is observed, has been solved. It has been shown that there exist only nine options of layer thicknesses in a period. It should be noted that only in six cases upon suppression of fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-order high-reflection bands is the first-order reflection band preserved. The values of the refractive indices of layers at which the problem has a solution have been found. The refractive indices of layers in all the nine cases are described by different relations defining the dependence of the refractive index of one of the components on the randomly chosen refractive indices of the other components.