Supersymmetric Electroweak Baryogenesis in the WKB approximation

Research paper by J. Cline, M. Joyce, K. Kainulainen

Indexed on: 21 Jan '98Published on: 21 Jan '98Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We calculate the baryon asymmetry generated at the electroweak phase transition in the minimal supersymmetric standard model, treating the particles in a WKB approximation in the bubble wall background. A set of diffusion equations for the particle species relevant to baryon generation, including source terms arising from the CP violation associated with the complex phase $\delta$ of the $\mu$ parameter, are derived from Boltzmann equations, and solved. The conclusion is that $\delta$ must be $\gsim 0.1$ to generate a baryon asymmetry consistent with nucleosynthesis. We compare our results to several other recent computations of the effect, arguing that some are overestimates.