Superlattices as Characterisation Tool for the Beginning of PS Formation

Research paper by D. Midellino, G. Lérondel, A. Parisini, A.M. Rossi, L. Boarino, G. Amato

Indexed on: 01 Jan '00Published on: 01 Jan '00Published in: Journal of Porous Materials


Initial stage of porous silicon (PS) formation has been studied in an original way. Multilayer structures constituting of very thin layers of low porosity and thick layers of high porosity have been fabricated and characterised by optical tools and electron microscopy. The non linear behaviour resulting in a change in the dissolution velocity has been quantified by using a stack layer structure. Finally using thermal oxidation it has been shown that, due to the selective oxidation as a function of the porosity, porous silicon can be used to produce a Si/SiO2 like structure.