Superhydrophobic P (St-DVB) foam prepared by the high internal phase emulsion technique for oil spill recovery

Research paper by Ning Zhang, Suting Zhong, Xiang Zhou, Wei Jiang, Tianhe Wang, Jiajun Fu

Indexed on: 05 Apr '16Published on: 04 Apr '16Published in: Chemical Engineering Journal


Poly (styrene-divinylbenzene) (P (St-DVB)) foams with porosity as high as 98% were prepared by the method of high internal phase emulsions (HIPEs) in one-step process. The materials exhibited superhydrophobicity and excellent oleophilicity, with the water contact angle (WCA) even exceeding 150° and oil contact angle approaching 0°. The materials fabricated with different types of Fe3O4 particles had varied hierarchical pore structures. And the adsorption capacity of the monolithic foam towards chloroform was as high as 57 g/g. Importantly, the materials soaked with oil could be regenerated effectively by means of centrifugation with oil recovery rate reaching 90%. More importantly, the monolithic PolyHIPEs (polymers obtained by the polymerization of the HIPEs) were subjected to 20 adsorption-centrifugation cycles and superior reusability was demonstrated. These features achieved with PolyHIPEs made them ideal candidates for practical oil removal applications.

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