SUMO modification of the Ets-related transcription factor ERM inhibits its transcriptional activity.

Research paper by Cindy C Degerny, Didier D Monte, Claude C Beaudoin, Ellis E Jaffray, Laurence L Portois, Ron T RT Hay, Yvan Y de Launoit, Jean-Luc JL Baert

Indexed on: 29 Apr '05Published on: 29 Apr '05Published in: Journal of Biological Chemistry


A variety of transcription factors are post-translationally modified by SUMO, a 97-residue ubiquitin-like protein bound covalently to the targeted lysine. Here we describe SUMO modification of the Ets family member ERM at positions 89, 263, 293, and 350. To investigate how SUMO modification affects the function of ERM, Ets-responsive intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1) and E74 reporter plasmids were employed to demonstrate that SUMO modification causes inhibition of ERM-dependent transcription without affecting the subcellular localization, stability, or DNA-binding capacity of the protein. When the adenoviral protein Gam1 or the SUMO protease SENP1 was used to inhibit the SUMO modification pathway, ERM-dependent transcription was de-repressed. These results demonstrate that ERM is subject to SUMO modification and that this post-translational modification causes inhibition of transcription-enhancing activity.