Summary of the British Transplantation Society/Renal Association U.K. guidelines for living donor kidney transplantation.

Research paper by Peter A PA Andrews, Lisa L Burnapp, Derek D Manas, J Andrew JA Bradley, Chris C Dudley, ,

Indexed on: 30 Mar '12Published on: 30 Mar '12Published in: Transplantation


The third edition of the joint British Transplantation Society/Renal Association guidelines for living donor kidney transplantation was published in May 2011. The guideline has been extensively revised since the previous edition in 2005 and has used the GRADE system to rate the strength of evidence and recommendations. This article summarizes the statements of recommendation contained in the guideline, which provide a framework for the delivery of living kidney donation in the United Kingdom and may be of wide international interest. It is recommended that the full guideline document is consulted for details of the relevant references and evidence base. This may be accessed at http://www.bts.org.uk/transplantation/standards-and-guidelines/ and http://www.renal.org/clinical/OtherGuidelines.aspx (transplantation is welcome to add a web link in this article to/through its own Web site to increase traffic).