Suicide Behaviors in Bipolar Disorder: A Review and Update for the Clinician.

Research paper by John L JL Beyer, Richard H RH Weisler

Indexed on: 16 Feb '16Published on: 16 Feb '16Published in: Psychiatric Clinics of North America


Suicide behaviors (ideation, attempts, and completions) are unfortunately common in patients with bipolar disorder. It is estimated that 25 to 50% attempt suicide at least once during their lifetime, and 6% to 19% complete suicide. Risk factors include a family history of suicide, previous suicide attempts, younger age of onset, comorbid psychiatric illnesses, and psychological constructs like hopelessness. Pharmacologic treatment may impact suicidal behaviors, either increasing vulnerability or resilience. Clinicians need to be particularly sensitive to their patient's thoughts and beliefs about death, particularly during stressful times of life or when in a depressive/mixed episode of bipolar disorder.

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