Successful treatment of radiation cystitis with hyperbaric oxygen therapy: Resolution of bleeding event and changes of histopathological findings of the bladder mucosa

Research paper by K. Suzuki, K. Kurokawa, T. Suzuki, H. Okazaki, N. Otake, K. Imai, H. Yamanaka

Indexed on: 01 May '98Published on: 01 May '98Published in: International Urology and Nephrology


To assess the effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy on radiation cystitis, clinical and histopathological characteristics were examined. Three women with radiation cystitis were treated with HBO therapy. Macrohaematuria was arrested in all patients. Cystoscopy demonstrated abnormal telangiectasia and inflammatory mucosa before treatment. After HBO therapy, the inflammatory mucosae were healed. However, abnormal vessels did not completely disappear. Histopathologically, the epithelium was atrophic and dilated lymph vessels and inflammatory cells were seen in the submucosa. These changes improved after treatment. HBO therapy is effective against radiation cystitis. With improvement of the clinical symptoms also the cystoscopic and histopathological findings changed favourably.