Substituted arylamides of dithiocarboxylic acids

Research paper by A. D. Grabenko, L. N. Kulaeva, P. S. Pel'kis

Indexed on: 01 Dec '70Published on: 01 Dec '70Published in: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds


The S-substituted derivatives formed by the reaction of arylamides of cyanothioacetic acid and the esters of arylamides of cyanomonothiomalonic acid with ethyl bromoacetate are cyclized to 2-cyanomethylidene-3-arylthiazolidin-4-ones (III) and 2-carbethoxycyanomethylidene-3-arylthiazolidin-4-ones (VI) rather than to tetrahydrothiophenone derivatives as previously proposed in [1,2].