Subexponential asymptotics of hybrid fluid and ruin models

Research paper by Bert Zwart, Sem Borst, Krzystof Debicki

Indexed on: 23 Mar '05Published on: 23 Mar '05Published in: Mathematics - Probability


We investigate the tail asymptotics of the supremum of X(t)+Y(t)-ct, where X={X(t),t\geq 0} and Y={Y(t),t\geq 0} are two independent stochastic processes. We assume that the process Y has subexponential characteristics and that the process X is more regular in a certain sense than Y. A key issue examined in earlier studies is under what conditions the process X contributes to large values of the supremum only through its average behavior. The present paper studies various scenarios where the latter is not the case, and the process X shows some form of ``atypical'' behavior as well. In particular, we consider a fluid model fed by a Gaussian process X and an (integrated) On-Off process Y. We show that, depending on the model parameters, the Gaussian process may contribute to the tail asymptotics by its moderate deviations, large deviations, or oscillatory behavior.