Sub-150 fs dispersion-managed soliton generation from an all-fiber Tm-doped laser with BP-SA.

Research paper by Qian Q Zhang, Xinxin X Jin, Guohua G Hu, Meng M Zhang, Zheng Z Zheng, Tawfique T Hasan

Indexed on: 17 Nov '20Published on: 14 Nov '20Published in: Optics express


We demonstrate an all-fiber, thulium-doped, mode-locked laser using a black phosphorus (BP) saturable absorber (SA). The BP-SA, exhibiting strong nonlinear response, is fabricated by inkjet printing. The oscillator generates self-starting 139 fs dispersion-managed soliton pulses centered at 1859nm with 55.6 nm spectral bandwidth. This is the shortest pulse duration and widest spectral bandwidth achieved directly from an all-fiber thulium-doped fiber laser mode-locked with a nanomaterial saturable absorber to date. Our findings demonstrate the applicability of BP for femtosecond pulse generation at 2 µm spectral region.