Study on the Heating Methods of Rural Residential Building in Different Thermal Zones in Northern China ☆

Research paper by Pengli Yuan, Zongshan Wang, Lin Duanmu, Xiangli Li, Haiwen Shu

Indexed on: 06 Jul '16Published on: 01 Jul '16Published in: Procedia Engineering


The indoor thermal environment of the traditional Kang building is poor. The different thermal zones differ quite a bit in the heat supply. Thus, the heating methods applied to the different thermal zones are also different. The heating methods and the biomass fuel mass, which were applicable to the different thermal zones, were studied. The dynamic heating load of the traditional Kang building in different thermal zones was calculated to provide the basis for the heating methods analysis. The results showed that the traditional Kang building cannot meet the heat demand in the severe cold and cold zones most. Thus, the transformation of heating method can reduce the auxiliary heat supply by 90% compared with the traditional Kang. The applicable heating method in different thermal zones was determined. The analysis can not only ensure the indoor thermal comfort, but also avoid the energy waste of the unadvisable heating method. The research results provide the basis for the rural households to select the appropriate heating method.