Study on dry sliding wear characteristics of air plasma spraying deposited CoNiCrAlY intermetallic coatings on aluminium alloy substrate

Research paper by Dipak Kumara, K.N. Pandey

Indexed on: 20 Jun '16Published on: 18 Jun '16Published in: International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering


This study focuses on the wear and microstructural properties of CoNiCrAlY bond coatings produced on an aluminium alloy substrate by the air plasma spray (APS) technique. A wear test was performed on the samples to know the wear characteristics of APS CoNiCrAlY coatings. The microstructures of as-;sprayed and worn bond coatings are presented by scanning electron microscopy and X-;ray diffractometer respectively. Plastic smearing and tearing via ploughing, grooving and cracking modes were observed on wear track of CoNiCrAlY coatings using a pin-;on-;disk friction wear tester. Plastic smears and tearing were observed along the sliding direction of loadings. Microstructural study revealed that the plastic flow induced under sliding normal load conditions did not result in any changes in phase transformations and crystal structures. The wear rate of CoNiCrAlY coatings was also found to decrease with an increasing sliding distance.