Study of the dependence of Mössbauer parameters on the outer cation in nitroprussides

Research paper by E. Reguera, J. F. Bertran, J. Miranda, C. Portilla

Indexed on: 01 Jun '92Published on: 01 Jun '92Published in: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry


The Mössbauer spectra of 29 nitroprussides have been measured and the parameters δ and Δ correlated with the polarizing power Z/r2 of the outer cations. There is no overall correlation but there are limited groups in which a trend can be ascertained. In isoelectronic sequences such as Li+, Be2+; Mn2+, Fe3+, where the outer electronic shell remains fixed, while Z/r2 increases, a definite trend of decreasing δ and Δ with increasing Z/r2 is observed.