Studies on interferon induction by Newcastle disease virus (NDV)

Research paper by S. Kohno, M. Kohase, Y. Shimizu

Indexed on: 01 Jun '69Published on: 01 Jun '69Published in: Archiv fur die gesamte Virusforschung


Heat- and acid-treatments of EG-NDV, which was essentially a very poor inducer of interferon in PCE cells, resulted in the development of the potency to stimulate interferon synthesis. Optimum temperature to bring about the activation was 56° C, and the peak of the potency was obtained after 4–6 minutes. Effective pH range was 1.6–2.5. Neutral and alkaline pH did not exhibit the stimulatory effect. A hypothetical mechanism to interprete the observed facts is presented, which assumes a heat- and acid-labile component in the virion inhibitory to the induction or synthesis of interferon in PCE cells.