Structure of spherical electric double layers with fully asymmetric electrolytes: a systematic study by Monte Carlo simulations and density functional theory.

Research paper by Chandra N CN Patra

Indexed on: 17 Nov '14Published on: 17 Nov '14Published in: The Journal of chemical physics


A systematic investigation of the spherical electric double layers with the electrolytes having size as well as charge asymmetry is carried out using density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulations. The system is considered within the primitive model, where the macroion is a structureless hard spherical colloid, the small ions as charged hard spheres of different size, and the solvent is represented as a dielectric continuum. The present theory approximates the hard sphere part of the one particle correlation function using a weighted density approach whereas a perturbation expansion around the uniform fluid is applied to evaluate the ionic contribution. The theory is in quantitative agreement with Monte Carlo simulation for the density and the mean electrostatic potential profiles over a wide range of electrolyte concentrations, surface charge densities, valence of small ions, and macroion sizes. The theory provides distinctive evidence of charge and size correlations within the electrode-electrolyte interface in spherical geometry.