Structure of korseverilinone

Research paper by V. V. Kul'kova, K. Samikov, R. Shakirov, S. Yu. Yunusov

Indexed on: 01 Jan '83Published on: 01 Jan '83Published in: Chemistry of Natural Compounds


From the combined ether-extracted material of the epigeal part ofKorolkowia sewerzowii a new base has been isolated — korseverilinone with mp 222–223°C [α]D−18.8°, C27H42NO3. On the basis of the results of a study of the IR, PMR, and mass spectra of korseverilinone and also its conversion into the known alkaloid korseveriline it has been established that korseverilinone has the structure of 3α, 14α-dihydroxycevanin-6-one.