Structure and properties of Kh6F1 steel

Research paper by S. A. Golovanenko, S. B. Maslenkov, I. Yu. Konnova

Indexed on: 01 Sep '67Published on: 01 Sep '67Published in: Metal Science and Heat Treatment


Kh6F1 steel belongs to the carbide class. After quenching in air the Fe3C, M7C3, and VC carbides are present in the steel.The stability of austenite in Kh6F1 steel increases sharply at an austenitizing temperature above 1050°C. The amount of residual austenite after the martensitic transformation also increases sharply with austenitizing temperatures above 1050°C.The maximum hardness of HRC 63 is attained after quenching from 1050°C and cooling to the temperature of liquid nitrogen.