Structure and electron transport of strontium iridate epitaxial films

Research paper by Yu. V. Kislinskii, G. A. Ovsyannikov, A. M. Petrzhik, K. Y. Constantinian, N. V. Andreev, T. A. Sviridova

Indexed on: 15 Dec '15Published on: 15 Dec '15Published in: Physics of the Solid State


The crystallographic and electrophysical properties of epitaxial SrIrO3 films, in which the crystal lattice is deformed due to the mismatch between the lattice parameters of strontium iridate and the substrate, have been studied. Substrates (001) SrTiO3, (001) LaAlO3 + Sr2AlTaO6 (LSAT), (110) NdGaO3, and (001) LaAlO3 have been used. As a result of the deformation of the crystal lattice, the electrical resistivities of the films deposited on substrates with different lattice parameters differ by several times. The SrIrO3 films with thickness d = 90 nm, grown on SrTiO3 and LSAT substrates, have a nonmonotonic temperature dependence of the conductivity: type of the temperature dependence of the conductivity changes from metallic to dielectric at TL = 200–250 K. The electrical resistance of the films with thicknesses less than 20 nm on all the substrates decreases exponentially with increasing temperature.