Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes protein 1: Role in Genome Stability and Tumorigenesis.

Research paper by Fei F Yi, Zhuo Z Wang, Jingwei J Liu, Ying Y Zhang, Zhijun Z Wang, Hongde H Xu, Xiaoman X Li, Ning N Bai, Liu L Cao, Xiaoyu X Song

Indexed on: 20 Sep '17Published on: 20 Sep '17Published in: International journal of biological sciences


SMC1 (Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes protein 1), well known as one of the SMC superfamily members, has been explored to function in many activities including chromosome dynamics, cell cycle checkpoint, DNA damage repair and genome stability. Upon being properly assembled as part of cohesin, SMC1 can be phosphorylated by ATM and mediate downstream DNA damage repair after ionizing irradiation. Abnormal gene expression or mutation of SMC1 can cause defect in the DNA damage repair pathway, which has been strongly associated with tumorigenesis. Here we focus to discuss SMC1's role in genome stability maintenance and tumorigenesis. Deciphering the underlying molecular mechanism can provide insight into novel strategies for cancer treatment.