Structural characterization of a rhamnogalacturonan I-arabinan-type I arabinogalactan macromolecule from starfruit (Averrhoa carambola L.).

Research paper by Carolina Lopes CL Leivas, Marcello M Iacomini, Lucimara M C LM Cordeiro

Indexed on: 11 Feb '15Published on: 11 Feb '15Published in: Carbohydrate Polymers


A structural characterization of polysaccharides obtained from edible tropical fruit named starfruit (Averrhoa carambola L.) was carried out. After fractionation by freeze-thaw and Fehling precipitation, a pectic polysaccharide was obtained. It was composed of rhamnose, arabinose, galactose and uronic acid in the 5.0:72.5:12.1:10.4 molar ratios, respectively. A combination of monosaccharide, GPC, methylation and NMR analysis and enzymatic hydrolysis with endo-β-(1→4)-D-galactanase showed the presence of a rhamnogalacturonan I to which a branched arabinan and a type I arabinogalactan are attached. The arabinan moiety was formed by (1→5)-linked α-L-Araf units in the backbone, branched only at O-3 by (1→2)- and (1→3)-linked α-L-Araf units, while the type I arabinogalactan was formed by (1→4)- and (1→4,6)-linked β-D-Galp units in the backbone with (1→5)-, (1→3,5)- and (1→3)-linked α-L-Araf units as side chains.