Structural and piezoelectric properties of textured PZT-PZNN piezoelectric ceramics

Research paper by Tae‐Gon Lee, Ho‐Jun Lee, Su‐jin Park, Tae‐Ho Lee, Dae‐hyeon Kim, Chang‐Hyo Hong, HaiBo Xu, Chong‐Yun Kang, Sahn Nahm

Indexed on: 24 Oct '17Published on: 12 Aug '17Published in: Journal of the American Ceramic Society


Rhombohedral 0.69Pb(Zr0.47Ti0.53)-0.31Pb(Zn0.6Ni0.4)NbO3 (PZT-PZNN) ceramics were textured using 10.0 vol. % BaTiO3 (BT) platelets along the <001> direction at 950°C with a high Lotgering factor of 95.3%. BT platelets did not react with the PZT-PZNN ceramics, and the textured PZT-PZNN ceramic had a tetragonal structure. The PZT-PZNN ceramics exhibited a strain of 0.174% with a piezoelectric strain constant (d*33) of 580 pC/N at 3.0 kV/mm. The textured PZT-PZNN ceramic showed an increased strain of 0.276% and d*33 of 920 pC/N at 3.0 kV/mm, which can be explained by the domain rotation. However, the d33 values of the textured specimens are smaller than those of the untextured specimens because of the small remanent polarization and relative dielectric constant of BT platelets. The textured PZT-PZNN ceramic synthesized in this work can be used for piezoelectric multilayer actuators because of its large strain and low sintering temperature.