Strongly Coupled Electronic, Magnetic, and Lattice Degrees of Freedom in LaCo5 under Pressure

Research paper by Ryan L. Stillwell, Jason R. Jeffries, Scott K. McCall, Jonathan R. I. Lee, Samuel T. Weir, Yogesh K. Vohra

Indexed on: 10 Nov '15Published on: 10 Nov '15Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We have performed the first high-pressure magnetotransport and x-ray diffraction measurements on ferromagnetic LaCo5, confirming the theoretically predicted electronic topological transition driving the magneto-elastic collapse seen in the related compound YCo5. Our x-ray diffraction results show an anisotropic lattice collapse of the c-axis near 10 GPa that is also commensurate with a change in the majority charge carriers evident from high-pressure Hall effect measurements. The coupling of the electronic, magnetic and lattice degrees of freedom is further substantiated by the evolution of the anomalous Hall effect, which couples to the magnetization of the ordered state of LaCo5.