Strongly correlated regimes in a double quantum-dot device

Research paper by P. S. Cornaglia, D. R. Grempel

Indexed on: 08 Aug '04Published on: 08 Aug '04Published in: Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect


The transport properties of a double quantum-dot device with one of the dots coupled to perfect conductors are analyzed using the numerical renormalization group technique and slave-boson mean-field theory. The coupling between the dots strongly influences the transport through the system leading to a non-monotonic dependence of the conductance as a function of the temperature and the magnetic field. For small inter-dot coupling and parameters such that both dots are in the Kondo regime, there is a two-stage screening of the dot's magnetic moments that is reflected in the conductance. In an intermediate temperature regime Kondo correlations develop on one of the dots and the conductance is enhanced. At low temperatures the Kondo effect takes place on the second dot leading to a singlet ground state in which the conductance is strongly suppressed.