Strong convergence of a CQ method for k-strictly asymptotically pseudocontractive mappings

Research paper by Hossein Dehghan, Naseer Shahzad

Indexed on: 22 Nov '12Published on: 22 Nov '12Published in: Fixed Point Theory and Applications


Let E be a real q-uniformly smooth Banach space, which is also uniformly convex (for example, LpOpen image in new window or ℓpOpen image in new window spaces, 1<p<∞Open image in new window), and C be a nonempty bounded closed convex subset of E. Let T:C→COpen image in new window be a k-strictly asymptotically pseudocontractive map with a nonempty fixed point set. A hybrid algorithm is constructed to approximate fixed points of such maps. Furthermore, strong convergence of the proposed algorithm is established.