String theory predictions for future accelerators

Research paper by E. Dudas, J. Mourad

Indexed on: 24 Nov '99Published on: 24 Nov '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We consider, in a string theory framework, physical processes of phenomenological interest in models with a low string scale. The amplitudes we study involve tree-level virtual gravitational exchange, divergent in a field-theoretical treatment, and massive gravitons emission, which are the main signatures of this class of models. First, we discuss the regularization of summations appearing in virtual gravitational (closed string) Kaluza-Klein exchanges in Type I strings. We argue that a convenient manifestly ultraviolet convergent low energy limit of type I string theory is given by an effective field theory with an arbitrary cutoff $\Lambda$ in the closed (gravitational) channel and a related cutoff $M_s^2/\Lambda$ in the open (Yang-Mills) channel. We find the leading string corrections to the field theory results. Second, we calculate exactly string tree-level three and four-point amplitudes with gauge bosons and one massive graviton and examine string deviations from the field-theory result.