Strategy for a protein purification design using C-phycocyanin extract.

Research paper by Caroline Costa CC Moraes, Susana Juliano SJ Kalil

Indexed on: 16 Jun '09Published on: 16 Jun '09Published in: Bioresource Technology


A variety of techniques have been developed for the separation and recovery of proteins. The cost of purifying the product is frequently determined by the desired quality of the final product, which is evaluated by measuring the purity. In this work the design of a protein purification process for C-phycocyanin, a phycobiliprotein that can be used in the food and medical industries, was established. The study evaluated the use of ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration to purify C-phycocyanin in a variety of sequences. The final design included the C-phycocyanin extraction step, precipitation with ammonium sulfate and ion exchange chromatography. When the elution step was studied, the kind of elution and pH were considered in order to obtain a product with a final purity of 4.0 with a purification factor of 6.35, so that, at the end of the strategy, C-phycocyanin of analytical grade would be obtained.