Stochastic optimal bounded control of MDOF quasi nonintegrable-Hamiltonian systems with actuator saturation

Research paper by Ronghua Huan, Yongjun Wu, Weiqiu Zhu

Indexed on: 02 Apr '08Published on: 02 Apr '08Published in: Archive of Applied Mechanics


A new bounded optimal control strategy for multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) quasi nonintegrable-Hamiltonian systems with actuator saturation is proposed. First, an n-degree-of-freedom (n-DOF) controlled quasi nonintegrable-Hamiltonian system is reduced to a partially averaged Itô stochastic differential equation by using the stochastic averaging method for quasi nonintegrable-Hamiltonian systems. Then, a dynamical programming equation is established by using the stochastic dynamical programming principle, from which the optimal control law consisting of optimal unbounded control and bang–bang control is derived. Finally, the response of the optimally controlled system is predicted by solving the Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov (FPK) equation associated with the fully averaged Itô equation. An example of two controlled nonlinearly coupled Duffing oscillators is worked out in detail. Numerical results show that the proposed control strategy has high control effectiveness and efficiency and that chattering is reduced significantly compared with the bang–bang control strategy.