Steric control in the oligomerisation of phosphazane dimers; towards new phosphorus-nitrogen macrocycles.

Research paper by Emma L EL Doyle, Felipe F García, Simon M SM Humphrey, Richard A RA Kowenicki, Lucía L Riera, Anthony D AD Woods, Dominic S DS Wright

Indexed on: 15 Jul '04Published on: 15 Jul '04Published in: Dalton Transactions


The reaction of [ClP(mu-NtBu)]2 (1) with H2O (1 : 2 equivalents) in the presence of excess Et3N gives the new chain compound [(mu-O)[P(mu-NtBu)2P(H)=O]2] (3), consisting of two P2N2 rings linked by a mu-O atom and terminating in P(V)(H)=O groups. A similar chain species is obtained from the reaction of the lithiate of [(tBuNH)P(mu-NtBu)2P(H)=O] (5) with [ClP(mu-NtBu)2P(NHtBu)] (2), the product being [(mu-O)[P(mu-NtBu)2P(NHtBu)]2] (6). Compounds 3 and 6 are the first examples of O-bridged chain phosphazanes and potential precursors to new phosphorus-nitrogen macrocycles. The syntheses and X-ray structures of 3, 5 and 6 are reported.