Stereoselectivity in rhodium antibiotics

Research paper by Robert D. Gillard, Eleni Lekkas

Indexed on: 01 Dec '00Published on: 01 Dec '00Published in: Transition Metal Chemistry


The biological activities of the enantiomeric rhodium(III)-nicotine complexes trans-[Rh(S-(−)-nicH+)4Cl2](PF6)5, trans-[Rh(R-(+)-nicH+)4Cl2](PF6)5 (97% enantiomerically pure) and trans-[Rh(RS-(±)-nicH+)4Cl2](PF6)5 were examined in detail on the Gram positive bacteria B. subtilis. Minimal inhibitory concentrations and exponential phases for each complex were calculated: the complexes were bactericidal at certain concentrations. Novel stereoselective phenomena are reported.