Stereoselective Solvent‐Free Synthesis of 4‐Hydroxy‐1,3‐thiazinane‐2‐thiones

Research paper by Farough Nasiri, Amin Zolali, Jamileh Kadkhoda

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 03 Nov '15Published in: Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry


An efficient solvent‐free one‐pot stereoselective synthesis of 4‐hydroxy‐1,3‐thiazinane‐2‐thione derivatives from the reaction of primary amines and carbon disulfide in the presence of α,β‐unsaturated aldehydes has been reported. The 4‐hydroxy‐1,3‐thiazinane‐2‐thione derivatives were easily converted to the related dehydrated or acetylated products.