Stepwise addition of chemical reagents for enhancing electrokinetic removal of cu from real site contaminated soils

Research paper by Jih-Hsing Chang, Yan-Hsong Shi, Cheng-Hung Tung

Indexed on: 26 Jan '10Published on: 26 Jan '10Published in: Journal of Applied Electrochemistry


In this study, a circulation-enhanced electrokinetics (CEEK) system integrated with the stepwise addition of chemical reagents was used to remediate copper-contaminated soils collected from a real site. At first, an optimal extraction process of different chemical reagents was found to obtain the highest copper removal efficiency by conducting batch extraction experiments. The chemical reagents served as extracts including EDTA, NaOH, and sodium dithionite + sodium citrate. Then, CEEK integrated this optimal extraction, that is, the treatment of 6-day EDTA, NaOH, EDTA, sodium dithionite + sodium citrate, and EDTA in a series. According to experimental results, the NaOH and sodium dithionite + sodium citrate could effectively facilitate the copper removal during the extraction and electrokinetics (EK) processes. The optimal extraction process for this real contaminated soil (94% copper removal efficiency) was the alternative extraction of EDTA, NaOH, and sodium dithionite + sodium citrate. The copper removal efficiency of the real contaminated soil could reach around 55% after 30-day CEEK treatment. The continuous decline of soil copper concentration of this integrated EK technique could be achieved as the remediation time was extended sufficiently.