Steering of high energy electron beam in laser plasma accelerators

Research paper by Chang-Qing Zhu, Jin-Guang Wang, Yi-Fei Li, Jie Feng, Da-Zhang Li, Yu-Hang He, Jun-Hao Tan, Jing-Long Ma, Xin Lu, Yu-Tong Li, Li-Ming Chen

Indexed on: 05 Nov '19Published on: 04 Nov '19Published in: arXiv - Physics - Plasma Physics


By using Dazzler system and tilting compressor grating, we provide an effective way of using the laser group delay dispersion (GDD) to continuously steer the high energy electron beam which is accelerated by asymmetric laser-wakefield. The deviation angle of electrons is as the same as the angular chirped laser pulse from its initial optical axis, which is determined by the laser pulse-front-tilt (PFT). This unique method can be continuously used to control over the pointing direction of electron-pulses to the requisite trajectories, especially for the alignment sensitive devices such as electron-positron collider or undulator. Besides, the effect of PFT on the qualities of electron beam has been investigated.