Statistical modelling of weld bead geometry in oscillating arc narrow gap all-position GMA welding

Research paper by W. H. Xu, S. B. Lin, C. L. Fan, X. Q. Zhuo, C. L. Yang

Indexed on: 02 Apr '14Published on: 02 Apr '14Published in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


In this work, the oscillating arc narrow gap all-position gas metal arc (GMA) welding process was developed to improve efficiency and quality in the welding of thick-walled pipes. The statistical models of narrow gap all-position GMA weld bead geometry were developed using response surface methodology (RSM) based on central composite design (CCD). The developed models were checked for their adequacy and significance by ANOVA, and the effects of wire feed rate, travel speed, dwell time, oscillating amplitude and welding position on weld bead dimension were studied. Finally, the optimal welding parameters at welding positions of 0° to 180° were obtained by numerical optimization using RSM.