Statistical maps and generalized random walks

Research paper by Roman Frič, Martin Papčo

Indexed on: 20 Dec '12Published on: 20 Dec '12Published in: Mathematica Slovaca


We continue our study of statistical maps (equivalently, fuzzy random variables in the sense of Gudder and Bugajski). In the realm of fuzzy probability theory, statistical maps describe the transportation of probability measures on one measurable space into probability measures on another measurable space. We show that for discrete probability spaces each statistical map can be represented via a special matrix the rows of which are probability functions related to conditional probabilities and the columns are related to fuzzy n-partitions of the domain. Discrete statistical maps sending a probability measure p to a probability measure q can be represented via conditional distributions and correspond to joint probabilities on the product. The composition of statistical maps provide a tool to describe and to study generalized random walks and Markov chains.