Static electric properties of LiH: explicitly correlated coupled cluster calculations

Research paper by Daniel Tunega, Jozef Noga

Indexed on: 01 Nov '98Published on: 01 Nov '98Published in: Theoretical Chemistry Accounts


Explicitly correlated MBPT-R12 and coupled cluster [up to CCSD(T)-R12] methods have been used in calculations of various (vibrationless) electrical properties for the LiH molecule, including the dipole and quadrupole moments, dipole and quadrupole polarizability tensors, dipole hyperpolarizability tensors, and the second dipole hyperpolarizability tensors. Generally, with extension of the basis set the R12 method did not lead to faster convergence for the calculated properties towards the basis limit. Nevertheless, R12 calculations serve as useful indicators to judge the reliability of the results, and substantially help in determining the accuracy. Results obtained with the 11s8p6d5f/9s8p6d5f basis and CCSD(T)-R12 calculated within this work should be close to the basis set limit.